QLTS Testimonials

“Passing the OSCE exams is no small task, but I am grateful to Neeta and her expertise in helping me find success. Neeta is an experienced solicitor and helped me prepare for the OSCE. She not only gave me useful tips, but also helped me in feeling confident that I can perform the tasks that the OSCE requires. I think Neeta is a primary reason I passed. Thanks Neeta!”

Carolyn K. Van den Daelen, US qualified

“Neeta is truly amazing!…I had anxiety around the presentation and client interview aspects, which I felt I had not focused on, nor practiced enough for. Neeta guided me through these challenges and gave me practical tips which ended up helping me immensely…And I ended up passing the OSCE on the first try! I would very much recommend Neeta’s services…”

Avishai Ostrin, Israel qualified

“OSCE 1 went particularly well for me and I think I owe a great deal to our coaching: It helped me put the right focus on skills (presentation/interviewing). To be very honest, even though I had done a number of mock exams before our workshop, I didn’t really know much about what to expect at the OSCE 1 and didn’t realize how important demonstrating lawyers’ skills would be. I also very much liked your positive and comforting approach, it helped me go into the exam much more confidently and confidence was what I needed most!”

Anonymous (Partner, magic circle firm), Germany qualified

“I found the 1-1 coaching session with Neeta for the OSCE exam very helpful. She helps you perfect your oral representation/advocacy/client interview skills by showing little tricks. Neeta adapts her session to your needs and pace…I also found it very helpful to have a face to face session with her to double-check my understanding on certain points of the exam. I recommend taking her coaching session to all the candidates to increase their success rate in this exam.”

Asli Guner Paul, Turkey qualified

“Neeta’s approach was very practical and helped me to establish a structure for each of the modules. Also, we reflected together on my strengths and weaknesses, which helped to build more confidence. It was exactly what I needed at the time. And apart from her coaching qualities, Neeta has a very warm and generous personality, which she engages to help bring out the best in anyone she is working with. Therefore, I highly recommend Neeta!!”

Michiel René van’Landt, Netherlands qualified

“Neeta was completely invested in my training which was fantastic. I could see that she really cares and wanted to ensure that I was thoroughly prepared and comfortable with the assessment. I would highly recommend Neeta to anyone who wants to get a clear understanding of what to expect and ho w to prepare for the OSCE assessments ”

Reghard Smith, South Africa qualified

“One of the reasons I did so well this time round is because of your training session. I think this really helped me feel more confident and prepared.”

Anonymous, France qualified

“Neeta’s powerful coaching skills, practical tips and individualized teaching approach helped me greatly with sitting the oral assessments in OSCE with a high level of confidence. She manages to turn a highly intensive day into an enjoyable and interactive learning experience. I highly recommend training with her!”

Duygu Tanisik, Turkey qualified

“Neeta is brilliant. I liked her coaching/training style a lot. The content of the workshop was clear and concise. The training really helped me enhance my interviewing and advocacy skills.”

Anonymous, India qualified

“Neeta is a wonderful coach and a very highly motivated lawyer. She has great work ethics as well. Thank you for your help Neeta!”

Nila Gibb, Indonesia qualified

“Thanks for all your help and advice in the workshop and follow up coaching sessions, Neeta. The preparation with you had helped me to follow through with the assessments with more confidence…and putting theory to practise. You had put to me a few times that I should throw in a smile here and there and show I am still in the room as a person. I remembered this during the exams, and am sure to have benefitted from it.”

Anonymous, Germany qualified

“Neeta is a great coach and provides organised and committed training sessions for the OSCE candidates. Neeta is excellent in encouraging candidates to improve their skills for the assessments and also undertakes participative feedback which is highly useful. I would recommend anyone who is interested in improving their skills to take training sessions from Neeta.”

Riya Kaul, India qualified