Understanding the English Legal System


The English Legal System is an informative course which helps you understand what it does, how it was developed and how it works.

The English Legal System is a common law system and this course will look at different areas of our law, our courts system, our legislature and people who work in our legal system.

Aspiring lawyers and qualified lawyers in different jurisdictions outside if England and Wales may benefit from this fun and informative course which will highlight how our legal system and etiquette is different to other jurisdictions.


  • Understand how the English Legal System works.
  • Discover how the common law system operates and how it is different to other jurisdictions.
  • Learn about the different court structures for civil and criminal cases.


  • Know which types of areas of law are heard in the different courts structure.
  • Confidently present in a courtroom using the correct formalities and etiquette.
  • Awareness  of the different legal terminology used.

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