The Art of Advocacy


There is more to advocacy than technicality.  Knowing the law and knowing your case is a pre-requisite, but it is not enough to just focus on this area. You can have a strong legal argument, but if it is not conveyed in a convincing and persuasive manner, the point or argument may be lost on the judge or jury.

The Art of Advocacy will focus on making sure your content is clear and concise and delivered in a confident and persuasive manner. You will be armed with tools and techniques which will help you deal with unexpected pressures you may face and how you come across in a courtroom.


  • Understand how you, the opponent, the judge and jury think.
  • Practise the use of your vocals and impact of your body language.
  • Develop your confidence and communication style in a courtroom.
  • Create rapport with people involved in the court proceedings.


  • Know how to use your vocals to convey arguments convincingly and powerfully.
  • Present confident¬† body language and vocal alignment.
  • Awareness of the courtroom formalities and etiquette.
  • Control over nerves and how to deal with unexpected situations.

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