Taking Witness Statements


Lawyers are taught how to draft a witness statement but often it is the skill of taking the statement from the witness that is overlooked. Focusing on the witness will mean that it makes your job easier when it comes to drafting it and ensuring that it is correct and authentic. A witness statement is a crucial legal document and so it is important that it is done accurately and reflects your client's position.

Aspiring and junior lawyers, will find Taking Witness Statements will help them how to build client relationships and identify client language patterns to create an authentic and watertight witness statement.  You will also learn how to confidently deal with emotional clients, complex and voluminous amounts of information and how to document it in an effective manner.


  • Create a watertight authentic and client credible witness statement.
  • Understand how to draft an accurate, clear and methodical witness statement.
  • Build rapport by creating confident client relationships.
  • Identify what information is relevant and irrelevant for evidential purposes.


  • Explain the purpose and importance of drafting a witness statement.
  • Ability to create and build a deeper rapport with clients’.
  • Confidence on how to take an accurate and methodical witness statement.
  • Ask a range of powerful questions to elicit useful answers.
  • Recognise and identify client language patterns when they are speaking to you.

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