Professional Business Writing


In a world where we are communicating all the time and often in-undated with lots of emails, it is very easy for a key message to get lost in the way it is written.

Professional Business Writing concentrates on writing documents using modern English. The focus is to improve your accuracy, structure and style by writing in a clear and concise way so that whatever you are writing is understood quickly. It will also offer a refresher on grammar and often misused words which can look unprofessional and reduce your credibility as well as the tone of your message by using appropriate punctuation.

Professional Business Writing will also look at how you communicate using everyday written forms of communication: emails, memos, letters, reports, attendance and file notes.


  • Help you write clearly with structure and purpose to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
  • Analyse your planning structure: aim, identifying audience and format.
  • Identify common pitfalls in grammar, punctuation, misused words and sentence structure.
  • Understand what you say verbally and what you write can be interpreted very differently.


  • Develop and improve your writing technique.
  • Recognise the purpose and objective of your written communication in the planning stage.
  • Adapt your own writing style and understand its effectiveness.
  • Confidently using the correct English grammar and punctuation.

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