Master Your Negotiation Skills


People are negotiating everyday. Sometimes they are easy and at other times more challenging and complex. There are many different types of negotiations and with any type of negotiation it is important to be strategic and think through what the underlying purpose is and reason. However, even if you are in a strong position, negotiations are unpredictable and it is your performance in the negotiation that can determine the outcome and result. Therefore, you need to understand your own negotiation style and how you react when negotiations start getting challenging.

Master Your Negotiation Skills will help you identify different types of negotiations, the negotiation styles  and a variety of techniques that can be used to ensure you are entering any negotiations confidently. You will also understand the importance of positions, interests and values, as well recognising why it is so important to have a clear and strong Best Alternative to A Negotiated Agreement (BATNA).


  • Understand what you want to achieve from the negotiations.
  • Learn how your mind works and how information is received and perceived.
  • Build rapport by creating confident and positive working relationships.
  • Create flexible thinking styles to create more options to achieve your end goal.
  • Identify your negotiation style and understand your triggers.


  • Recognise the different types of negotiation styles: competitive and co-operative.
  • Create a deeper rapport with the negotiation parties.
  • Use flexible negotiation styles and recognise triggers which could affect your results.
  • Assess other peoples negotiation styles and adapt your communication style.
  • Ask a range of powerful questions to elicit useful answers.

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