Client Care and Conducting Meetings


For any law firm their lawyers are a very important asset; but without clients there would be no business. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your new and existing clients are valued, understood and appreciated.

The majority of complaints by clients about their lawyers are usually around failure to communicate effectively, efficiently and costs. Most of these complaints can be avoided in your first meeting with the client. The first meeting is the most important because first impressions count and this is where the client makes a judgement about you, whether they like you and whether they feel like they can trust you. So, it may be useful to have a checklist that covers all the essentials, but ultimately that does not necessarily instil confidence in the client, it is how you communicate with them and how they feel after leaving that meeting that really matters.

Client Care and Conducting Meetings will take you through all the steps to ensure that your client leaves any meeting with you feeling confident in your ability to deal with their matter.


  • Create rapport with a client from the outset.
  • Learn how to deal with emotional clients in a confident manner.
  • Control the meeting and the information provided by the client.
  • Develop your confidence and communication style with a client.


  • Know how to instil confidence in the client the first time you meet them.
  • Present confident¬† body language and vocal alignment.
  • Awareness of the clients emotional state and deal with it confidently.
  • Manage your nerves and how to deal with unexpected situations.

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