Aim to Achieve: Exams and Assessments


Whether you are a law student, aspiring solicitor or qualified lawyer in a jurisdiction outside of England and Wales, doing any legal exams and assessments (QLTS, TOLES, SQE) can be an extremely stressful time. However, often it is the practical skills element that can be challenging and let you down. If you have to do any exams or assessments on practical skills such as client interviewing, advocacy or oral presentations you will need to do more than just know the law.

Aim to Achieve: Exams and Assessments will prepare you to come across convincing and persuasive, as well as clear and concise. These are skills that can be learnt with practise to be able to perform in a natural and confident manner in a pressurised environment such as an exam or assessment.

Our Legal English courses and practical writing skills focus on writing clear and concise emails, letters, advice, reports and attendance notes using modern Plain English.


  • Help you pass your exam or assessment successfully.
  • Practise the use of your vocals and impact of your body language.
  • Develop your confidence and communication style in a formal or informal environment.
  • Create rapport with people you are communicating with in a professional manner.
  • Learn the key skills for writing clearly and concisely with a refresher on grammar and using punctuation correctly.


  • Know how to use your vocals to convey information or a legal argument convincingly.
  • Present confident body language and vocal alignment.
  • Control over nerves and how to deal with unexpected situations.
  • Use grammar and punctuation correctly to ensure your message is effective.

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