Successful Coaching and Mentoring


As aspiring leaders or experienced leaders, a key part of the role may be to ensure that you are there to manage, support and offer guidance for the growth and performance for your staff or teams.

Successful coaching and mentoring will look at the distinction between the two and which one may be more appropriate for your working environment and work relationships.

The course will allow you to explore the core skills and attitudes required to be a successful coach or mentor, by focusing on the goals of the people that work with you and creating a person-centred approach for more effective communication.


  • Help you understand the difference between coaching and mentoring.
  • Understand the role of a coach and mentor.
  • Examine your own management style and behaviour patterns.
  • Recognise the characteristics of the people you manage.


  • Coach or mentor people with greater confidence, purpose and understanding.
  • Recognise if you are ready to be a coach or mentor, its role and responsibilities.
  • Practise the core skills and ask for feedback on your performance.

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