Pitching to Win


Pitching is a type of presentation but the distinction is that you are competing against other businesses to win a tender. Why are some businesses so good at pitching and others not so good? What makes a successful pitch win and secure the business?

Pitching to Win will teach you how to put on a powerful and persuasive presentation with confidence and flair, which wins business. You will learn what you should be doing and what you should avoid doing, to ultimately win the pitch on the day.

Pitching to Win is a practical course that will take you on a journey from the preparation and research stage to delivering the pitch and dealing with any challenging questions professionally and with credibility.

On this course you will learn what steps you need to take to make sure your pitch is clear, concise and credible.  You will leave the course with tools and techniques that will keep you ahead of the competition and make you stand out when preparing a persuasive winning pitch.


  • Learn the how to make your content memorable and engaging.
  • Explore the principles that underpin influence and persuasion.
  • Build persuasive arguments and influence others.
  • Understand the relevance of emotional connection and communication styles.


  • Influence other people around you to get the results you want using persuasive language.
  • Use the communication model to effectively convey your message with confidence and flair.
  • Develop your influencing techniques and build great working relationships.
  • Handle any challenging questions in a confident, calm and controlled manner.

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