Developing Your Resilience


As the business world becomes more competitive, complex and diverse with the ever-changing advancements in technology, you need to become more resilient to manage those changes.

Developing Your Resilience is all about being able to have the flexibility to adapt your negative thoughts about challenging or difficult situations by reframing your thinking and becoming more resilient.

When you hit obstacles and challenges, Developing Your Resilience will help you reframe your beliefs and behaviours, whilst also helping you recognise your internal and external motivational drivers. The tools and techniques shared in this course will ensure that you are fully prepared to recognise and deal with any challenging situations with resilience, agility, confidence and clarity.


  • Understand what learned helplessness is and how it affects your thoughts and decisions.
  • Recognise and understand your beliefs and values which underpin your thoughts and decisions.
  • Discover what your internal and external motivational factors are and what your default position is during challenging times.


  • Learn how to reframe your thinking.
  • Identify your internal and external motivational factors and how they affect your decisions.
  • Appreciate how learned helplessness impacts your decision making during times of crisis or difficulty.

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