Working With Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


The importance of emotional intelligence in a working environment is often underrated and a common misconception is that it is all about overly sensitive and highly emotional people. This inaccuracy can be costly for you by affecting the way you work, the way you communicate effectively with other people and not being aware of how you process your emotions (especially during challenging and difficult times).

Working With Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is about understanding how your emotions affect your behaviour and how that impacts your work. By becoming more aware of your own emotions and understanding how you respond to various situations, means you can control their outcome.


In addition to the Working With Emotional Intelligence (EQ) course, you can choose to complete a SEI EQ Developmental Assessment. This confidential report will provide you with an in-depth analysis of personalised strategies to build on your EQ for personal and professional growth which can be discussed in a confidential 1:1 coaching session.


  • Help you communicate better with people from different generations.
  • Learn about the personality traits of people born in different generations.
  • Develop your confidence and communication style in conflicting situations.
  • Create rapport with people in a professional manner using empathy or sympathy.


  • Apply your learnings to value people from different generations.
  • Work confidently and effectively with people and understand their underlying puposes.
  • Adapt your communication and behaviour style to enjoy better working relationships.

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