Problem Solving and Unlocking Solutions


If you work in an environment where you have to identify problems, generate solutions and implement them then Problem Solving and Unlocking Solutions will provide you with a range of tools and techniques to solve problems in the workplace.

Problem Solving and Unlocking Solutions will help you identify the root problem, generate and evaluate the best solutions and their consequences and make decisions about which ones to implement in the most effective and efficient way.

Based on real life workplace problems you experience, you will be able to authentically practise using a range of problem solving tools and apply them to see which ones work best.


  • Learn about the different problem solving tools.
  • Develop your confidence in anticipating and identifying problems.
  • Create rapport with people you are communicating with in a professional manner.


  • Use the best problem solving tools and techniques relevant to the problem.
  • Confidently analyse changes, deviations and problems.
  • Identify root causes of problems and implement solutions.
  • Review your decisions, take action, implement solutions and take responsibility for them.

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