Networking With Confidence


Networking is a prerequisite skill most people need to succeed in business. By building your network, you open up a host of new opportunities that could generate new business or build meaningful professional relationships. Networking done with the correct mindset is a very powerful tool.

Networking With Confidence takes you on a journey from pre-networking to post-networking and all the steps in between to ensure that you have the practical tips and tools to make you a successful networker. It will facilitate honest and frank discussions about concerns people genuinely feel about networking and will offer solutions of how to overcome them, so you approach any networking event with confidence.


  • Develop your confidence, rapport and communication style when networking.
  • Help you recognise opportunities that arise out of unexpected situations.
  • Build strong relationships to create your own network.
  • Improve your ability to confidently deal with tricky situations.


  • Skills that you can instantly use to build on your existing network and reputation.
  • Knowledge of working out different peoples’ personality preferences.
  • Adapt your language patterns to comfortably connect with different types of people.
  • Confidently interact with a range of different types of people in networking situations.
  • Ability to ask good quality questions and keep the flow of the conversation going.

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