Let’s Talk – How to Communicate Effectively


In any business it is the people that makes it successful.  In a fast and competitive world it is even more important that if you work in environments that provide professional services, you need to be able to communicate and do it clearly and concisely.

Let's talk - How to Communicate Effectively focuses on the ability to actively listen first and then communicate confidently when conducting business or creating and developing client relationships. You will learn strategies on how to ensure that your message and its intention is clearly understood and recognise your own and other peoples different communication style preferences.


  • Recognise how you communicate and how this affects your results.
  • Understand beliefs and values and how this affects decisions and results.
  • Identify different language patterns people use to communicate.
  • Work successfully with people using different styles of communication.


  • Develop a range of different types of communication skills strategies: verbal & non-verbal.
  • Create rapport with clients and colleagues by building empathetic relationships.
  • Confidently deal with different peoples’ personalities and styles when communicating information.
  • Ask a range of good quality questions to elicit useful answers.
  • Identify which language patterns people use and adapt your style authentically.

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