Diverse Teams: Multi-generational Relationships


Differences in diverse teams can create successful working relationships and results when diverse team members support each others' strengths and weaknesses. However, it is often these differences that can fundamentally challenge the effective working relationships of a diverse team.

Diverse Teams: Multi-generational Relationships will help you understand and challenge your own beliefs and assumptions. It will help you appreciate the differences and move away from negative judgements, assumptions and conflict situations to creating understanding and co-operative working relationships.


  • Help you communicate better with people from different generations.
  • Learn about the personality traits of people born in different generations.
  • Develop your confidence and communication style in conflicting situations.
  • Create rapport with people you are communicating with in a professional manner.


  • Apply your learning to value people from different generations.
  • Work confidently and effectively by flexing your communication style.
  • Recognise different communication and behaviour styles to enjoy better working relationships.

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