Creating Powerful Presentations


Most people often feel daunted by the prospect of doing a presentation. Whether you have to do a formal or informal presentation, the key is to make it professional, engaging and persuasive, whilst also making it look natural and effortless.

Creating Powerful Presentations will help you build your confidence when presenting and teach you the principles needed to create a great presentation. By starting with the structure and working through it to honing your delivery, you will leave the course much more confident about what tools and techniques work best for you.

If you are new to presenting or would like to develop your confidence, this course will make sure that you learn new skills you can easily use, as well as build on your existing techniques. It is a highly interactive and fun course which will help you get comfortable and confident doing presentations.

For information about our more advanced course for seasoned presenters, please contact us.


  • Learn how to use our formula to make powerful presentations.
  • Develop your confidence and communication style.
  • Recognise how you personally affect the presentation.
  • Identify the target audience and do your research.
  • Learn techniques for how to deal with difficult questions or a challenging audience.


  • Structure content and information in a concise manner using the power of three.
  • Confidence presenting in your authentic style and using your vocals.
  • Awareness of how your vocal delivery and body language affect the presentation.
  • Control your nerves, fear and anxiety to ensure they do affect your performance.
  • Understand how to deal with the audience in a confident and professional manner.

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