Business English


English is one of the hardest languages to learn. So many rules and exceptions! English is often the preferred language of choice for many international businesses and therefore it is important to be able to communicate confidently when speaking and writing in English.

Business English is a practical course that will help you improve your English language so when you communicate in English, you do it with style and confidence. The emphasis is on speaking with fluency and using English for specific purposes, appropriate to your business situation.

Business English can also help you improve your written communication to ensure that your message is accurate and that the grammar, punctuation and spelling are correctly used.


  • Develop your skills and build on them using vocabulary for specific purposes.
  • Learn how to engage with other people by communicating in English in a natural way.
  • Focus on using the target language for specific purposes in practical situations.


  • Understand the differences in the way you communicate with others.
  • Confidence when speaking in English for business or social purposes.
  • Practise speaking in English to take you to the next level.
  • Correctly use the appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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