Assertive Communication: Achieve Results


At times you need to confidently and assertively be able to deal with challenging people and situations in a workplace. At other times, you also need to be aware of your own behaviour when given any negative feedback or receiving it.

Assertive Communication: Achieve Results helps you identify the different types of behaviours: passive aggressive, aggressive and assertive and understand how to recognise them and deal with them.

You will identify exactly what you need to do to become more assertive and communicate with confidence to build strong and amicable relationships.


  • Understand the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour.
  • Practise the use of your vocals and impact of your body language.
  • Explore ways to offer solutions when giving negative feedback.
  • Discover ways to deal with negative criticism effectively.


  • Help you understand other peoples’ motivations for their behaviour or actions.
  • Confidently use your vocals to convey information convincingly and in the correct tone.
  • Present confident body language and vocal alignment when speaking to anyone.
  • Control your nerves and how your react to unexpected situations.

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