Achieving Work Life Balance


Working in a highly pressurised, demanding and competitive job can often mean that work becomes the main focus of many people's life. As a direct result, their personal life may suffer too. The same happens vice versa. If you have personal problems or worries they can directly affect your work life.

Achieving Work Life Balance will challenge what the cynics, non-believers and others say about trying to achieve a work life balance. Achieving Work Life Balance is all about taking the opportunity to reflect on your personal and professional goals and create strategic solutions to help you focus on the most important part of it - you!


  • Help you understand the different perceptions around work life balance.
  • Examine about your current work life balance.
  • Reflect on any obstacles that affect you achieving a balance.
  • Concentrate on things that are important to you.


  • Recognise how your beliefs impact you achieving a work life balance.
  • Implement a way of bringing your passions, values and goals into your daily life.
  • Create an action plan that you can realistically follow.

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