Test of Legal English (TOLES)


Test of legal English skills (TOLES) is for non-native English speaking lawyers or law students who want to improve their legal English skills. It is a course which international law firms and businesses recognise as a valuable asset.

We can teach the TOLES course and ensure you receive maximum benefit when communicating with people in the legal profession. We train you to achieve successful results!

More information about the course can be found on www.toles.co.uk.


  • Help lawyers and students communicate using English correctly.
  • Increase English vocabulary and use of legal vocabulary in the correct context.
  • Learn about cultural awareness and when to use appropriate legal English.


  • Confidence to bridge the English language barrier and communicate with flair.
  • Speak English using the correct grammar, collocation and vocabulary.
  • Practise using the legal vocabulary in its correct context and authenticity.

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