Interview Coaching


People who have been through this coaching process are well prepared for their big day! Preparation is the key and there is no substitute. We ensure that whether you are recruiting or are the candidate, you are fully aware and prepared for how to deal with the interview process.


The interview coaching process is made bespoke, bearing in mind, the profession or organisation conducting the interview. In a competitive world, interviews can have a number of stages and you need to shine. We prepare you for dealing with ‘surprising’ questions, dilemmas and any other requirements, such as presentations.


This interview coaching process can also be implemented in the business coaching package. This is primarily for the individuals who deal with recruitment side of the business. The area covers analysis on the potential candidates suitability for the role. Specific questioning techniques are created based on CV information provided by the candidates.

Personality profiling scenarios are created to help identify the candidate’s characteristics and working style. For long term cost effectiveness and high earning potential, this process is crucial for any commercially sound business.


Whether you are an organisation or an individual, some of the benefits you may achieve:

  • Gain clarity on what is required from you and your role.
  • Confidence in dealing with challenging questions and scenarios.
  • Skills on how to ask powerful questions using the ‘funnelling technique’.
  • Evaluate the situation and be able to deal with it in a confident manner.
  • Identify clearly what your expectations are about the job.

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